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The VII International Workshop CUBAFOTOVOLTAICA will take place from December 5th to 8th, 2017 organized by the PV Research Laboratory of the Institute of Science and Technology of Materials (IMRE) - Faculty of Physics of the University of Havana. The Conference will take place in the University of Havana in Vedado district of Havana, the capital of the Republic of Cuba.

This meeting continues a series of CUBAFOTOVOLTAICA workshops celebrated annually since 2011.

The VII CUBAFOTOVOLTAICA aims this time to bring together the experts topics like:

  • State of the art of PV.
  • Forecasting of irradiation and PV production.
  • New materials and concepts for advanced photovoltaic devices.
  • New research on crystalline silicon, thin films and III-V solar cells.
  • Management of PV energy in the electrical grid, integration, penetration and storage.
  • PV hybrid microgrids.
  • Energy storage and PV: Challenges and options.
  • PV applications for the industrial, agriculture, and residential sector.
  • Economical aspects of PV and optimization of costs.
  • Development of policies and strategy for PV development.
  • Inverters: Three-phase string versus central utility.
  • Lifetime increase of PV modules.
  • Experiences on operation and maintenance (O&M) of PV plants.
  • PV in the humid tropical climate environment.

The meeting consists mainly of oral presentations and debate sessions. Also there is space for poster sessions and exhibitions.

The wish of the organizers is to provide a platform for discussing new developments and concepts in PV science, technology and applications, discussing openly the national PV development program and strategy, by bringing together researchers from academia, government, companies and industrial laboratories.

In addition to the official program, the participants will also have plenty of opportunity to mix and network outside of the lecture theatre, enjoy the vibrant environment at the campus of University of Havana, with planned free time and social events.

A certain amount of contributions will be considered for publications in the peer-reviewed “Revista Cubana de Física” taking into account the originality and high level of the submitted papers.

IMRE is an university institute involved in scientific research, technological innovation, postgraduate studies and community projects.

University of Havana was founded on 1728, it is the Alma Mater of Cuba higher education and it has been an important actor in Cuba's cultural, scientific, social and political life.